50+ Boxing

Boxing classes for seniors to improve overall health, cardio, strength, endurance, coordination, balance, and confidence! 

Tuesdays 8am 

Thursdays 10am

ESPN ran a degree of difficulty study to determine the hardest sport, using 10 categories in their study. Boxing was ranked number one, determined the be the sport that demands the most of it’s athletes. Based off that intimidating study, as well as years of media pushing the intense nature of professional and fictional boxers, many think that boxing is a young person’s game. We beg to disagree. 

The 10 skills that were used for their study included:

These skills that are crucial for healthy aging and make boxing a front runner for senior fitness. 

Boxing engages the mind: 

The combination of these mental drills with the physical movement is the definition of cognitive fitness, which enhances brain health. 

Boxing challenges balance: 

These drills help to prevent falls and navigate unsteady terrain. 

Boxing works the entire body: 

These skills maintain a healthy body that can continue to complete daily physical tasks and react comfortably to an ever changing environment.